How the book was illustrated

Veselina Tomova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and graduated from the Academy of Graphic Art and Book Design in Leipzig, Germany. She now lives in St. John's, Newfoundland, and is a co-owner of Vis-à-Vis Graphics. She divides her time between her graphic design business and her favourite activities, like illustrating children's book and walking her dogs on the Battery Cliffs. Have a look at her art at

Receiving the manuscript for Maggie and Hero felt like a welcome gift for Veselina. Inspiration lay just outside the window of her Battery studio in the craggy cliffs, the fog rolling along the rocks, the smell of salt water, and the sound of seagulls' cries. Inside the studio her dogs made perfect models of typical canine behaviour not only in their dislike of cats, making messes, getting into trouble, and running away but also in being devoted, noble friends and great swimmers.

The quirky collage illustrations were created as drawings on scratch board which were then scanned on computer. The rest was compiled using Veselina's shots from the Battery, clip art, colours, textures and anything else that can modify in Adobe Photoshop.